Google Offices


As part of my research I have been looking at different workspaces and interiors. I have also been looking into unique and innovative ways to seperate rooms/space. I love the Google offices,here are a few images I came across. It looks like such a great place to work!




Scott and Fyfe Interior Workspace


After a fantastic trip to Scott and Fyfe back at the beginning of the semester I came across some photographs on my phone of their ingenious interior office space.Designed by Glasgow Art School, the workspace interior is fun and creative. Providing private colour coded ‘pods’ where meetings and new ideas can be discussed. I thought the interior work aea really relates to this semesters work.  I am researching different office spaces as part of my ‘Tomorrows Workspace’ brief,where i am looking to design a textile piece that will provide a more welcoming/private atmosphere witin the jobcentre.

Plastic Spoon


After stumbling across a series of photographs named ‘Plastic Spoon’by Yoshi Kametani in the summer holidays, I have since been extremely interested in his work, ideas and concepts. His work has definitely influenced the essences of my work this semester, so therefore I wanted to share with you the brilliant series ‘Plastic Spoon’

 Plastic Spoon has evolved from 4 years of interacting and building relationships with the residents of Muirhouse Edinburgh, one of the most deprived council schemes in the UK. The scheme, which is located on the outskirts of a city that – conversely – has the most millionaires per capita in the country, is known for its high unemployment rates and issues with drugs and violence.

The title Plastic Spoon has multiple layers of meaning. The name came about one night when I was eating dinner with one of my friends from Muirhouse. I was watching my friend’s son eating his fried rice across from me. He was eating with a plastic spoon. I noticed that the majority of the time I ate with my friends from Muirhouse, we would be eating take out that came with plastic cutlery. Another layer that the plastic spoon signifies is the heroin culture. The most commonly used cutlery to prepare heroin is a spoon. Heroin has haunted the neighborhood since the early 80s. And lastly to me the plastic spoon represents the working class. There is a saying “you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth” which means, you are born into a rich family. The way I see it, the plastic spoon is the opposite of the silver spoon.

This project intertwines through an array of individuals, landscapes, objects, and domestic settings that communicate the feeling of isolation, alienation, and the eccentricity that is specific to Muirhouse. Spending a substantial amount of time with my subjects has inevitably affected the photographs, which have placed the representation of my relationship with the subjects at the focus of the composition.

To view the series of photographs visit the site

An Insight into Sighthill


So as you know, I’m looking into unemployment in deprived areas in Edinburgh.  I have been focusing my main research in and around Sighthill/Westerhails area. It is here where I am basing my drawings to inspire my ‘creative textile piece’ for the Job Centre Plus.

I have been looking at the geometric and structural shapes of the tenement buildings. I like the repetitive patterns and muted pale colours. To contrast these images I was also looking at the brightly coloured graffiti that surrounded the area. I thought I could combine the vibrant organic flow of the graffiti with the more geometric linear structures to create a more interesting aesthetic appeal to the job centre.






These images contrast well against the following……..





After looking into graffiti I have become more interested in possibly incorporating text into my work; I’m not exactly sure what type of text or what I want to write as yet, so any ideas are much appreciated.  I thought of perhaps writing some motivational sayings or words, continuing to help motivate people to find work.  Maybe even past success stories?

Seperating Space


I have been investigating and researching into interesting ways to separate space. When considering the brief, I want to create a more cheerful less apprehensive approach when entering the job centre. I want to make it a more comfortable place to be and try to lessen the stigma behind the Job centres reputation.
As part of my research I took various photographs from inside my local job centre. I found the overall feeling of the space quit intimidating. The interior was extremely boring with barley any colour and the monotonous repetition of the desks lined up in front of me was rather daunting. I also thought a main issue was that there was hardly any privacy between each desk when signing on and discussing personal information.
When researching into unique ways to separate space I came across some great innovative ideas. One of my favorites was by Terracycle (a small U.S private business. It makes consumer products from pre- and post-consumer waste (“upcycling”) and reusing other waste materias.

terra cycle 1


Pigment Dye Workshop


Last week in our print workshop we learnt how to use Pigment Dyes. I found them great to work with and thought they were a lot easier to mix than acid and reactive dyes. I also liked the fact you could achieve pale pastel colours with them. I really enjoyed using the Puff Binder and Foil Adhesive, they both gave great results.  Here are some quick samples from that workshop…ImageImageImageImage

RSA Student Design Awards 2013-14


The RSA Student Design Awards challenges emerging designers to tackle pressing social, enviromental and economic issues through design thinking.

Eventually after a lot of mind-mapping the Brief I have chosen to investigate is the ‘Tomorrows Workplace’.

The brief asks me to think about the future work and the future of the workplace-whether an office, a retailenviroment, a bank, a schoo, a factory or any other enviroment.

 I started looking at the major socia issue of Unemployment and how it is effecting young people. When researchig this topic I found it astonishing that the number of unemployed Scots had risen by 10,000 to 203,000 between May and July according to the latest offical figures.

Also relating to this, as part of my Summer project this year I researched into deprived ares in Edinburgh. I focused my research on Sighthill and Westerhails area where the unemployment ratea of people exclued from work are significantly higher to the rest of Edinburgh. This is where my primary source drawing has come from, looking at the structure and geometric shapes of the tenement buildings.

Through my initial research I have decided that I am going to look to envision and conceptualise the future workspace for the Jobcente Plus. I will not be focusing on its employees but it’s customers and how I can create a more welcoming and appealing atmosphere by using some sort of creative textile work. I want to create a happier more cheerful enviroment for the long term unemployed.

More information on the RSA Briefs can be found at

Here are my initial mind maps investigating the two briefs I was interested in….